Kids Lunch Box | Bentgo Kids Prints (Camouflage) Compartment Bento Style Kids Lunch Box
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Kids Lunch Box | Bentgo Kids Prints (Camouflage) Compartment Bento Style Kids Lunch Box

Kids Lunch Box

Bentgo Kids Prints

  • Fashion lunch: bentgo kids has upgraded the most popular children’s lunch box in the United States, with interesting patterns to show your child’s personality
  • Ideal serving size for children: 5 practical compartments, perfectly distribute children’s appetite, and encourage healthy and balanced meals (recommended for ages 3-7)
  • Leak proof technology: keep food and snacks fresh and tidy during transportation - designed with 2 child friendly latches, easy to open and close with small hands
    Fall proof design: made of durable rubber coated edges, which can protect the lunch box when it falls
  • Purposeful buying: bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of feed the children, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, bentgo has donated more than $200000 to help eradicate hunger.

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Kids Lunch Box

See what people who have purchased are saying about this item.

LuthersPaw: We got this box along with the Bentgo Back Pack that holds the box in a compartment on the bottom. It also holds a drink on the side. That way our 4 year old leaves the house with only one thing to worry about. The box itself is a tad on the heavy side but doesn’t in the slightest bit cause an issue.

Melissa Morales: I love this product and the company(Bentgo) is amazing to work with.
I love that it gives my daughter options, she actually eats everything in her lunchbox. Each compartment allows for the perfect amount of food.

Stephanie Sunderland: This doesn’t have a handle which makes carrying it hard. Also you have to cut sandwiches, since there is no place to put larger items. And no way to use an ice pack :(

Gabriela Alvarado Romero: Me encanta mi hija encantada con su lonchera suoer bonita y excelente material y calidad 👌

Susan Sellers: Wonderful product!
Perfect for 2 year-olds daily snacks. It encourages healthy food choices.

Kenia Lopez:We’ve had this lunch box since April. We use it to pack my Kids Lunch Box for school m-f. After use, and hand washing while air drying it has gotten a lot of mold spots in the seal. DONT BUY. I now need to get a new one for my son. So r be getting this again.

Jodi Thompson: My daughter loves this bentgo box. She looks forward to eating her lunch at school now and finishes more than she did before. I love it because I don’t have to use sandwich bags anymore

Loana: Perfecto para niños de 5 a 7 años y como deseen utilizarlo. Kids Lunch Box.

tomw: We love these Bentgo boxes for school lunches. The compartment sizes are great, and after years we’ve never had a leak yet.
Only thing I would improve is if the outer shell was dishwasher safe. We didn’t realize it wasn’t and put it in the dishwasher, and the soft silicone now has dents from the dishwasher rack.
However, customer service took care of this problem and we are very happy again.
We’ll definitely by buying more of these.

BKast21: My son loves packing the compartments for his Kids Lunch Box. Great designs and colors. Washes easily.

asia wirth: Doesn’t keep the food cold. I put a dipping sauce in the middle and did have it leak to the other items

darlenekirkwood: My autistic son loves this. I like the warranty because my son wears his stuff out

Andrea Harding: Amazing customer service. After about a year and a half of daily use by a kindergartener, part of the clip broke off. I emailed bentgo and they sending out a replacement right away!!!! We have four of these boxes, one of them is four years old!!! They are still in great shape and hold everything without leaks. I highly recommend these lunch boxes.

Rebecca Hendricks: Wish that I had bought this sooner! This lunch box is brilliant!! The different portion sizes are both convenient for the adult and fun for the kid. My 3 year old will even eat out of it for breakfast if he’s being picky (used to just not eat if he was being finicky). The individual divisions do no leak into each other when the lid is closed (I’ve put syrup in the round hole before). I have recommended this to every parent that I know!

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Kids Lunch Box

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