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Choosing a great Camera Tripod is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. This item from UBeesize’s descriptions is a UBeesize 67” Camera Tripod with Travel Bag, Cell Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote and Phone Holder, Compatible with All Cameras, Cell Phones, Projector, Webcam, Spotting Scopes

Camera Tripod

To start with, it provides [impressive height range collapse shortened to 20.1 inches of desktop height and expanded to 67.3 inches in just a few seconds. this tripod fully adapts to a range of different user heights, enabling you to take more creative photos than ever before.
“Overall, I like this tripod. Nice and tall, adjustable feet for stability, and it even has a little bubble level on it! I also really like the quick connection it comes with. After a while though, the head of the tripod started having a little wobble where it attaches to the extending neck. This makes it difficult to use with a telephoto lens since any little wobble is amplified through the lens. Once it settles, it’s alright though. I may look into fixing it myself since it’s my only complaint.”, Nick, one of my colleagues mentioned.

Camera Tripod

After that, it supports [multiple shooting angles]] due to its multi-functional central mechanism, it can only adapt to multiple shooting angles in a few seconds, including landscape mode, portrait mode, low angle shooting, and high angle shooting, which enables you to discover your potential and shooting.
The Oversize 67-inch is ideal for my usage, It’s lightweight, compact, and comes with a carry case. The only problem I’m currently having is that I can’t find “Quick Release Plates:” for my other three cameras. e-mailed Ubeesize, no answer, I called their ad number, but not working, I’ve been in contact several times with Amazon reps, but no help, All I want to know is how do I get the Quick Release Plates for the UBeesize 67 inch Tripod???????.

Camera Tripod

And then, one of the key points is [universal telephone mounting base
This is the cheap and best tripod that’s currently available on the market. I got it for 32 during the prime day deal. I have used it to shoot my videos indoors and outdoors. It is easy to carry and flexible with multiple shooting angles and can click wide-angle full pictures with remote control. Especially a must-have for couples.

Camera Tripod

Moreover, this Camera Tripod provides [unique high-quality design] our tripod combines high-quality materials (high-grade hybrid alloy and abs resin), technical expertise, and innovation with high-quality Italian design, can meet every style and type of camera, and is ready to provide support for photographers at every stage
coyote, one of their user, said I’ve only had inexpensive tripods in the past; I’m overjoyed I heeded the reviews and spent extra for this one. I love everything about this feature-packed tripod. The level might be my favorite part. If I was a pro maybe I’d want to spend a lot more to get a little more, but for me, this is a spectacular value.

Camera Tripod

Last but not the least, one of the key points is [high compatibility] camera holders for all cameras (Nikon d3500, Fujifilm x-t200, canon eos 250d, Olympus, Panasonic), mobile phones, ipads, projectors, webcams, GoPro, and discovery range.
The first thing I noticed about this tripod is how flimsy it feels when all the legs are extended. I know that adding your camera bag to the hook adds stability, which is fine. But it does a great job so far. Folds up nice and small and comes with a nice zipped bag which it fits snuggly into.

Camera Tripod

See what others have to say about this Camera Tripod.
Steve h.: Great for the price, We have used this for about four months now and haven’t had any issues. It is inexpensive so don’t expect to get a high-priced high-quality tripod for nothing. It is stable and it seems to work well with my gimbal that attaches to my phone. As quite the adjustability and collapses easily.

Canei Long: Bought two but one had no parts, I like the complete tripod that I bought the second one did not come with any of the parts or pieces. One box was complete but not the other. So I can only use 1. The customer service number is disconnected and no response to the email regarding this product.

Bob Anderson: This well-built unit with all the extras is a steal for this price!!!, What is there not to like? This unit is well built. It easily extends to 67 in. And it comes with a Bluetooth clicker that works on Android or Apple. It also comes with a phone/tablet holder. I would expect to pay double the listed price.

thescarletterosedc: Didn’t come with instructions, Wish it came with instructions for each feature, not 1% intuitive for newer photographers. Upon opening it, one of the plastics in the lower stand got snapped while adjusting, and I didn’t even have the chance to use it yet…..

Eric J: Exceeded expectations, I am an avid amateur photographer. This is a greater combination with the phone adapter. It fit my crazy big iPhone 13 pro max with no issues. The remote for the camera linked right up and took pictures right away!!

RA: Good for the price, I don’t like that the head on the tripod is not straight and there are no directions on how to fix this issue. My camera is always tilted. Does anyone know how to adjust the head on this so it’s straight?

Elsie Raina Childress: Broken Adjustment Knob After Only 60 days, I like the design but one of the adjustment knobs broke after only 60 days so that one leg comes off and the knob won’t lock. Tripod is now useless.

Jessica: Great tripod- Good Value, Great Tripod for Cheap, extends to a very usable height, has 2 levels to check the balance of the tripod. Easy to use, great investment.

Chris Gardner II: Great, but, Cannot be tightened to be sturdy enough to hold a 5Div with a 24-105 L at an angle as the weight just makes the swivel point down

Amazon Customer: Great Tripod stand, Love this. You can adjust the height to various levels. It’s very sturdy and stable. Very easy to use and assemble.

Bocasbill: Tough little monster Tripod, Ease of use. Crank height adjustment allows refined eye-level viewing and perspective view distortion adjustment.

Pat: Works, We have a small spotting scope. The tripod holds it well, is secure and it’s easy to adjust.

Fab Nation: Worth it! I love this tripod! I use it for my camera, phone, and projector. It’s very sturdy!

Susan A. Newton: Awesome product, Fast shipping, the item is great, has lots of features. Lightweight and easy to use.

marcridge90: Let’s fell off, 2 legs just fell off after taking it out about 5 times. Buy a better tripod.

Kerrington: Very sturdy and perfect for photography and videography, Didn’t come with a phone mount or key fob but the tripod is amazing

B-Moore Fam: It is better than I thought it would be, It was way nicer than I thought it was going to be. Would recommend.

VFD: Great Value, I love the adjustable feet and the height adjustment options

Raquel: the product is suitable for cameras and not a smartphone.

Amazon Customer: cumplio mis expectativas, excelente a mi hijo le sirve, recomienda la compra

Niel CANETE: Very empress, Wow so nice easy to set up.. very stable and light

Amazon Customer: Better height with this one, We videoed our grandson’s AAU Basketball games

Patrick: Good Quality at a cheaper price, it’s a good quality tripod for the price

Chris M: Excellent, Self-portrait stability

Becca G: Very good quality for the money!, Very good product!

Edgar Garcia: Todo excelente!!!, Todo excelente!!!

Roy & Karen: To Retirement and Beyond: UBeesize Stepped Up to The Plate!, UPDATE 8/12/22:

Alexandro: Better than my last, Good quality

What are the downsides of it? Plenty of adjustments, and poor materials though. 2nd time using the leg adjust clasp broke (without being touched) causing the tripod to tip and my A7SIII to smack the concrete. My security camera caught it all. Shame on me for buying this with all the good reviews.
That’s review of Camera Tripod from us, if like it just get yours.

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