Which Water Filter Pitcher Do You Need For Your Healthy?
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Which Water Filter Pitcher Do You Need For Your Healthy?

People often email us and individual members of the team to tell us about their product and ask for tips. Today we share a review about Water Filter Pitcher, which is Brita Small 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Brita Standard Filter, Made Without BPA, Metro, Red

Water Filter Pitcher

We surveyed several customers of this product, let’s hear what they have to say.

To begin with, it supports to make sure this fits About this point,
Christina, one of their user, said I like Brita’s water filters, but this particular design isn’t that great. It’s too hard to take the cover off and put it back on. It’s also pretty small so you have to refill often. I wouldn’t mind it being heavier if it means not having to refill as often (trust me, it gets bothersome). Go for a bigger Brita that has one of those covers you can easily flip off/on.

Teebs: I like the simplicity of the design. The water is clean and appears filtered. I like that you can also see when the filter needs replacing, a helpful feature.

Brittany said I keep it in my room instead of bringing up bottles of water. It has that good Brita water taste I am in love with and it matches the color scheme.

Erica said very excited to receive this product, but once it come, I opened up the box and it was cracked. The box it came in wasn’t damaged.

Water Filter Pitcher

Last but not the least, one of the key points is by entering the model number. About this,
“I like this size because it is easy for me to handle. Even when full it’s not too heavy for me, as I’m a “senior citizen”.”, Just a Horse lover, one of my colleagues mentioned.

“Love the footprint. Altho I have a refrigerator filtered water, this is great for my coffee maker & serving for a meal.”, Young, one of my colleagues mentioned.

“East to use. The best-tasting water I’ve ever had! So glad I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore!”, Grapelover, one of my friends mentioned.

Amazon Customer said Description saying it is 6 cups pitcher, but I received very small 5 cups pitcher. very disappointing.

Water Filter Pitcher

See what others have to say about this Water Filter Pitcher.
Kemal Miller: Perfect size and plenty of water, It is a perfect fit in the fridge. It is not as big as the one I am replacing but has plenty of water.

Hermanus the Sage: Small, simple, and easy to use., This is a great little water filter pitcher. It does what it says, and I have no complaints.

Brunilda Mojica: Muy bueno, Facil, ya no compro botellas solo usa q rehuso y lleno . Muy economico

Fremen601: What you would expect from a big name brand, This works great! I save a lot of money not buying bottled water.

Henry M.Lopez: It works 💪, Britain works to remove the chemical tastes and smells.

Totosmom: Filers water fast., Filters quickly, water tastes great, easy to clean.

Amazon Customer: It’s small, very good for one person to use!, Like it. Take a very small space.

brenda: love it, love my Water Filter Pitcher

What are the disadvantages of this product?
We’ve used Brita pitchers before, but the experience with this one has completely turned me off from the product forever. We’ve had this pitcher all of two weeks now and have been using the filter that comes with it. The last several times we’ve filled it up, the water tastes disgusting. It tastes like metallic chlorine, and I’m assuming it’s chock-full of all the toxic stuff it’s supposed to filter out. I drank a glass this morning and am still feeling ill. Never again, Brita. Never. Again.
The first product photo, as well as the first advertised product video, uses the 10-cup filter, not the 6-cup. What arrives in the mail is substantially smaller than what appears in the product’s video. The 10 cups are only 6 dollars more expensive. Don’t make the same mistake.
How can I get a refund? It’s brand new and leaking from the unfiltered water container. It just arrived today. The blue lid doesn’t seal correctly and leaks out the water that hasn’t yet been filtered…
very excited to receive this product, but once it came, I opened up the box and it was cracked. The box it came in wasn’t damaged.
Almost impossible to reseat the lid after filling. Water is dispensed at an awkward angle. Went back to using a larger, heavier version.
Loved the size and weight however leak and causes a mess. You can’t see any cracks/holes but constantly leaks from the bottom.
The description says it is 6 cups pitcher, but I received a very small 5 cups pitcher. very disappointing

That’s review of Water Filter Pitcher from us, if like it just get yours.

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